(EN) We still bless our lands


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We still bless our lands

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Depopulation is the human face of disenchantment and sadness. It is a seed that grows slowly in the soul of the ones who dig into it and creates a powerful emotional bond. It is impossible not to ask, “who were they? What did they feel? How was their life? Where did they go?”. «We still bless our lands» is a dialogue about light and darkness, about life and death, which has been whispered from every object found and each fallen stone.

  • Original idea: Vera Herrero Address
    Direction: Javier Pérez Santana and Vera Herrero
    Screenplay: Vera Herrero and Javier Pérez Santana
    Photography Director: Paco Belda
    Camera Operator: Ximo Fernández
    Editing: Manel Almiñana
    Producer: Alicia Telleria