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Fel de la Terra


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‘Fel de la Terra’ is a documentary film, a nonfiction film from and for Mallorca, shown through the voice and personal experiences of a group of islanders who, experienced by the vicissitudes of life, experienced in first person some harsh experiences. Some of them have decided always to be in a stage away from the parameters accepted as usual by the common mortal.

  • Directed by: Pep Bonet and Rafel M. Creus
    Cinematography: Pep Bonet
    Sound: Pep Bonet
    Written by: Rafel M. Creus
    Edited by: Joan Bonet
    Music: José Bautista
    Infography: Mario Torrecillas
    Produced by: Testamento Pct
    Executive Production: Agustí Villaronga and Javier Pérez Santana.