The first time we heard of «The Testament of Mary» was in a dinner with Enrique Juncosa, writer and poet, as well as the translator of the work. In this dinner, director Agustí Villaronga and producer Javier Pérez Santana were told by Enrique Juncosa himself, that Colm Tóibín was writing a theatrical monologue based on the Virgin Mary for Meryl Streep. As we admire the work of Toibin, we wanted to read the text, which was not yet finished. After reading the text, we immediately knew we wanted to do it. In fact, both of us had been looking for a project to constitute a production company and develop projects together. That is how TESTAMENTO was born.

  • Javier Pérez Santana

    After working in several multinationals, he began his career in the audio-visual sector and in the performing arts. He was a partner of Mallerich audiovisuals, until the year 2006. He later became a member of the Smiths SL with whom he has produced various plays.

  • Agustí Villaronga

    Recognized Spanish film director. Among his outstanding achievements are: «Aro Tolbukhin: in the mind of the murderer», directed jointly with Isaac P. Racine and Lydia Zimmermann, and «Pa Negre» produced by Massa d’Or, and winning 9 Goya Awards and 13 Gaudi Awards, as well as being in the Spanish selection for the Oscars, for «non-English speaking» film.